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Add Tahini to your Sandwich and she will make her magic with a creamy layer that goes with EVERYTHING!



Add Tahini to your gathering table, or just include her in your mid day snack.

Talking about ways to elevate your snacks!



This tahini sauce adds irresistible creaminess and tang to anything it touches, whether that be fresh or roasted vegetables, salad, falafel or pita bread.

Tahini is the #1 Middle-Eastern Staple.
Made from Sesame seeds.
Rich, creamy, perfectly smooth, nutty and tangy. 


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Artboard 1300_edited.png

"this is so insanely good!

  it's seriously off chain! super clean ingredients!" 

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"I usually make my Tahini, but used FUN Sesames Tahini as a sauce to save time, so GOOD!"




OMG I want to 

put this on EVERYTHING!


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"this is so insanely


  it's seriously off chain!

super clean ingredients!" 

 "WOW, I have been looking for this Tahini Sauce forever! The real thing."

Image by Eli Pluma

Our promise?
"To be the CLEANEST Condiment in every refrigerator!"
No preservatives, Never from concentrated.
Real Lemon, Real Parsley, Real Mint!

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