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To inspire healthy living

while appreciating

the      we get from the

little things.


Hi, I'm Tal!

As a mother of three happy, healthy children my goal is to emphasize the importance of real food in every meal. 

I grew up enjoying flavors from around the world. Even though my family couldn't afford culinary luxuries,  our dinner table was always fresh, colorful, and tasty.


One of the few staples on our table was Tahini!

Whether we spread it in our pita bread, dressed it on our Shakshuka or dipped our veggies in it - Tahini made it taste better.  

I founded FUN Sesames because I believe that even the simplest of foods can be enhanced with the right thing, Tahini.

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As a boutique, woman-owned business

we enjoy the ability to engage our customers

and emphasize our Core Values in

everything we do.

Our Core Values


We believe that respecting our planet is the key to a better us. As such, FUN Sesames has a zero-waste policy. We pledge to use minimal, and reusable packaging, only recyclable materials, and avoid wasting raw materials.


We find joy in what we do. In our view, the satisfaction of a day's work grows exponentially when that work is fun.  We believe that happy products come from happy people working in positive settings.


The challenge of delivering the purest ingredients starts way before grinding seeds and mixing them with the right spices. We use only the cleanest ingredients grown and harvested naturally. We pledge to serve you only what nature intended for you to eat.